Saying goodbye to Palmer

Well, the month has gone by and it’s already time for me to leave Palmer Station.  The RV  Lawrence M. Gould (the letters RV stand for Research Vessel) arrived to load up all our cargo and today about 15 people will leave the station to go back to Punta Arenas, Chile.

Do you remember the pictures of the Gould that Ms. Bayko shared with you at the very beginning of my trip?  It’s a big orange boat that brings us from Chile, in South America, to Palmer Station Antarctica.  It’s also the ship that takes us back to Chile.  Here is a picture of it at Palmer Station in May 2011 when there wasn’t as much sunlight.

In fact lots of sailing ships and cruise ships visit Palmer in the summer from all over the world!  They even get to come on land and visit us on station.  Look at this little sailing boat, only 50 feet long and carrying only 12 people that was able to make it across the Drake Passage, the open ocean from the tip of South America to Antarctica.  The Drake Passage is a dangerous part of the ocean and some of the stormiest and most adventurous sailing waters in the world!

We also had a scientific ship, the National Geographic Explorer come and visit us carrying around 300 people interested in environmental sciences.  They wanted to learn more about Antarctica and its environment, animals, and station life.

The largest ship I have ever seen here is the Crystal Symphony in summer last year, January 2011.  It had 1500 people on it!!  It was a luxury liner and very different, much more stable in the ocean, than a little sailing boat!

Which ship would you prefer to visit Antarctica on?  Have you ever been on a ship?  What about the Cape May/Lewes ferry?

Well, this will be my last post for some time.  I will say Bon Voyage to you all.  I hope you have enjoyed following me on my adventures in Antarctica. Can’t wait to see what list of words you guys come up with for our activity.  See you guys when I get back to Delaware!

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  1. Dear Mrina,

    Please travel safely. Isaac says try not to bump into any icebergs! Dustin doesn’t want to go on the boat because he doesn’t want to sleep on that boat. Sierra wants to go on a cruise!
    Hope to see you soon!

       Reply Posted February 6, 2012, 7:46 pm

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