Young scientists and crew at Palmer

There are so many young people at Palmer Station doing all kinds of amazing things, from science to cooking!

Do you like to operate robots?  Well meet Travis Miles.  He is a graduate student at Rutgers University in New Jersey who uses underwater gliders called “Remotely Operated Vehicles”  (ROVs) to study the ocean.  These ROVs can measure the temperature, salt content, and many other things about the ocean.  They can also follow around penguins that other scientists put electronic tags on!  They are very useful scientific tools.

In these pictures, Travis is in a red shirt talking to a group of film-makers who are filming a non-fiction movie about Antarctica.  The yellow thing is an ROV.  How exciting to be in a movie doing science!

Another scientist here studies small marine animals called krill.  Krill are a very important part of the food web because all the penguins and many of the whales that live in the west Antarctic Peninsula feed on krill.  Kim Bernard, a scientist from South Africa who works in the U.S., catches these krill in nets while out in the Zodiac.  She brings them back to the lab and puts them in an aquarium, which you can see on the right.

Krill are really cute looking, they swim very quickly and eat lots of algae from the ocean.  Kim is trying to understand their patterns of migration and other people in her lab are looking at how much nutrition they offer penguins and whales.

The science at Palmer would not work very well without the amazing crew here to support us.  Nandi Kovats does two jobs at Palmer, both managing the waste from station and hauling heavy things like Zodiacs around with the Skytrak machine.  He has been to Palmer for many seasons in a row.  Doesn’t the Skytrak look like fun?  The wheels are huge!

We eat amazing food at Palmer station.  Marci Levine is from Colorado and realized she wanted to be a chef a few years ago.  She has also been a chef at McMurdo, another American Antarctic research base!  She and our other chef, Francis, make deeeelicious food for us to eat!

We all become good friends living and working as a team on the same station.  In one week our boat leaves Palmer Station and I have to say goodbye to all my friends.  I will miss them all so much!


One thought on “Young scientists and crew at Palmer

  1. Hi Mrina,

    We enjoyed learning about the other members at Palmer Station and all about their jobs! We want to be in the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mrs. Bayko’s class travels to Antarctica to see Mrina! haha
    Isaac said that when he grows up he will like to drive the Skytrak! The chains on the tires are very big.
    Annmarie didn’t like the pictures of the sushi but said that they were interesting to look at, but wouldn’t eat them!
    Isaac wants to learn how to control the (ROVs) while in the water. Pedro
    said that the robot looks like a fast car on those wheels. John was very interested in learning all about the krill and if they were healthy for the penguins to eat. Thanks for sending more pictures. Travel safe!

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